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The roles of school and preschool leaders have grown more complex over the last 20 years. This is evident in ever-increasing workload demands, particularly around accountability, risk management, parent behaviour, and administrative responsibilities.

In 2001, a small group of principals recognised that the education system was changing, and leaders did not have access to the legal and employment related support they needed to be successful and supported in their role. In response to this challenge, SASSLA was formed which has now transformed into a successful and robust organisation with over 500 members.

The following qualities highlight SASSLA’s philosophy in how we support and protect school and preschool leaders:


Members’ trust SASSLA to protect their employment rights and professional reputations. Knowing that expert guidance and support is quickly available provides leaders with confidence in their decision making.


SASSLA is a professional Association for leaders with an ethos of collaboration. Our focus is on proactive engagement with all education stakeholders and creating value for our public education system.


School and Preschool Leaders have a choice who represents their employment and professional interests. SASSLA has a proven track record of obtaining results for leaders through our tailored service offerings to members. We are independent of the Government and political parties and represent your interests with an uncompromised voice.

Being a Member of SASSLA is an Investment in your Career in Public Education

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