SASSLA Launches our School and Preschool Leadership Employment Priorities until 2025

Today SASSLA launches our updated School and Preschool Leadership Employment Priorities which outlines our objectives for members’ employment interests until 2025.

Our focus is to bring the important employment related issues facing school and preschool leaders to the attention of the Department and Government. We have done the hard work of developing clear and persuasive arguments for change and improvement to school and preschool leaders’ employment conditions. We achieved substantial wins for leaders through our initial publication in 2023, particularly in the areas of Band A remuneration, improved workload regulation for Preschool Directors, leader workload and Band A permanency.

We now sharpen our focus for further improvement in the abovementioned areas and more importantly in the areas where we saw little movement or commitment for change including the extension of the Additional Workers Compensation Scheme to the education workforce and changes in practice to address the deficiencies in the merit selection process.

SASSLA will continue to advocate for our school and preschool leaders so you can be assured your employment interests are protected while you undertake the most important job of all – educating South Australia’s children and young people!

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