SASSLA’s New Business Model


SASSLA represents individual member interests, and the collective interests of Band A and Band B members.

We are guided by the following principles in working with and representing individual members:

  • We promptly respond to members’ requests and identify the most effective way to achieve a satisfactory outcome for the member.
  • We assess presenting issues and risks. As appropriate, we access professional legal advice and legal support where needed.
  • We actively represent the interests of members through engagement with the Department for Education and can facilitate external legal support to members who have matters before courts and tribunals.
  • We place a high value on building and sustaining relationships with members through constructive and proactive engagement and tailored support in response to current and emerging matters.

We are guided by the following principles in representing the collective interests of Band A and Band B members:

  • We develop clear policy positions on employment related matters including pay and general conditions of employment that inform and influence Departmental decision making.
  • We co-operate and collaborate with Principal and Preschool Director Associations where there are identified mutually beneficial and common interests in furthering the collective interests of school and preschool leaders.
  • We provide critical feedback on Departmental policies and change proposals through formal consultation processes and engagement in public discussion.


Individual member assistance and support – refer Rule 3 Objects (2) (3) (4)

SASSLA provides human resources consultancy services to our members. The range of issues raised by members covers the whole range of employment and operational policies, including but not restricted to:

  • Advice on the application of Acts, policies, and industrial instruments as they relate to the role and work interests of school and preschool leaders.
  • Support to members engaged in Departmental conduct investigations and disciplinary processes, unsatisfactory performance processes, complaint processes, and appeals.
  • Consultancy advice on general and operational matters relevant to the work of school and preschool leaders.
  • Supporting members appearing in a Court or Tribunal, including directly funding legal assistance where approved by the SASSLA Board.

We support the delivery of these services through:

  • Directly responding to member enquiries and assisting members in the broad range of their needs.
  • Providing direct assistance to members in preparing written submissions and responses.
  • Regular scheduled meetings with the Minister, Chief Executive and the People and Culture Division to review and discuss matters of concern and interest to our members.  

Member Legal assistance – refer Rule 3 Objects 1(a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f)

SASSLA funds or recommends legal assistance to members including access to lawyers specialising in employment law, workers compensation, criminal and civil matters.

SASSLA Rules provide for legal assistance to members in the following instances:

  • To bring or prosecute an action where the member is a victim of verbal, written or electronic harassment.
  • To make a claim under the provisions of Return to Work Act 2014.
  • To provide legal assistance to a member in respect of a civil claim either to:
    • The defence or prosecution of alleged libel or defamation or both.
    • The defence of alleged breaches of State or Federal Law with respect to human rights and equal opportunity or sexual harassment or both.
    • The defence of any action of alleged assault and battery, so long as the alleged conduct arises out of, or in the course of the Member’s employment with the Department for Education.
  • To provide legal assistance and representation and information to any member in order to prosecute any action for either criminal injuries compensation or assault and battery, so long as that action or those actions arise out of, or in the course of employment.
  • In the event of any member of the Association dying from natural causes or from accident, and whether the death should arise out of or in the course of his/her employment or otherwise, the Association shall assist the surviving spouse or any surviving immediate family dependent on the deceased member by providing legal assistance in order to instate any claim for compensation for the loss of the deceased but excluding any matter relating to the grant of Probate, intestacy, and the like.

The SASSLA Board may approve funding or recommend legal assistance and legal representation before a Court or Tribunal and provide information or other assistance to any member on any matter.

Funding for all legal services is at the discretion of the SASSLA Board. Services are provided through our Legal Partner TGB unless otherwise agreed.

Policy Development and Advocacy – refer Rule 3 Objects (3) (5) (8) (9) (10)

SASSLA develops policy positions on employment matters that reflect the interests and aspirations of our membership of school and preschool leaders.

We undertake research and develop policy papers and positions that are designed to generate discussion and engagement with our members and influence Government and Departmental decision making. Our primary areas of interest are:

  • Developing proposals that inform and influence Government and Departmental decision making in areas directly related to the employment conditions of our members enacted through Departmental employment policy, legislation, and industrial instruments.  
  • Developing submissions on matters of operational policy that directly impact on the interests and role of leaders in schools and preschools.


  • Membership fees are tax deductible and excellent value for money compared to other options for coverage.
  • All SASSLA members are automatically covered by our group Journey Insurance Policy if you are injured in your travel to or from work.
  • Members receive 10% discount on all personal legal matters, including Wills and Estates, with TGB Lawyers.
  • Discounted rates to attend the Annual SASSLA State Conference.
  • Regular email, web and social media updates about leaders’ work and legal and other matters affecting education.
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