Reconceptualising the Principal Role

SASSLA and SASPA have collaborated on the development of a concept paper titled Reconceptualising the Principal Role.

The purpose of this paper is to present a powerful and persuasive argument that a fresh look at the principal role is urgently needed. Our approach is to surface the key systemic issues relevant to the principal role that are critical to the future success of our public education system.

We have identified four key fields of enquiry that will assist in gaining a bigger picture view of changes needed:

• Responsibility, decision making and accountability of principals.
• The team around the principal.
• Illuminating good practice in the principal role.
• Towards a new generation of school leaders.

Our paper has been developed through extensive engagement and consultation with our members and draws on national reports and research findings. We will continue to develop our thinking and engage with the Department and Principal Associations at a local and national level.

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