Position Paper – Workload in 2023 EB Negotiations

Excessive workload in the education workforce is a major problem that continues to be a hot topic in our profession. A lively discussion is also happening in political, academic and media circles about the nature of the problem and how it needs to be confronted.

Workload is a critical area of focus in the current round of Enterprise Bargaining. The AEU’s “Fix the Crisis – Bargaining for a better future” outlines their thinking on what needs to be done.

SASSLA has developed a Position Paper that provides a fresh view of the issues at play. The Paper includes a discussion on the issues and risks associated with the industrial regulation of workload and presents alternative thinking on the long-term strategic approaches that are needed. Click here to read our Position Paper.

We actively seek your feedback on the paper and any other views that you believe are important in shaping a successful future workload management strategy. Please email Leanne at [email protected] with your feedback.

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