SASSLA Conference Information

SASSLA 2022 State Conference – School Leader Workload: What does the evidence tell us and how should we respond

Prof Riley Presentation 2022

Phil O’Loughlin – Workload Presentation Notes

SASSLA 2021 State Conference – Misconduct and Unsatisfactory Performance: what leaders need to know

Presentation by Lisa Dwiar, A/Director – Employee Relations and Bridget Partridge, Manager – Performance Improvement and Incapacity.

The Ethical Leader resource by Phil O’Loughlin – SASSLA Chief Executive.

SASSLA 2019 State Conference – Mental Health, Work Injury and Unsatisfactory Performance; a “Wicked” Problem for Leaders

Managing Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing

Managing injured staff in schools and preschools: risks and best practice

The Department for Education’s managing unsatisfactory performance intranet page has a number of templates, exemplars and fact sheets.

The training offered by the Performance Improvement and Incapacity (PII) unit is also listed here.

The presentation at the SASSLA Conference was more of an overview; members are encouraged to attend the Managing Unsatisfactory Performance in Schools Workshop. PII also highly recommend the other programs offered as they build on the skills and capabilities required to support leaders in managing/addressing performance concerns but are also applicable to performance development for all staff.

SASSLA 2018 State Conference – Protective Behaviours for Principals and Preschool Directors

Dealing with Aggressive Parents

Defamation and Conflict of Interest

Managing Difficult Situations

SASSLA 2017 State Conference – Leadership; From Surviving to Thriving

SASSLA Conference Phil O’Loughlin Presentation

SASSLA Conference Thilan Legierse Presentation

Conflict-Management-Style-TEST Thilan

Thilan’s Easy Peasy Difficult Conversation Formula

SASSLA Educational Leadership Conference 2016

Dr David Gurr presentation link – What we know from studying successful school leaders

Gurr SASSLA State Conference 2016

Assoc Prof Peter Grootenboer presentation link – Leading for sustainable educational development

Grootenboer SASSLA State Conference 2016

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