Operational Issues in Schools and Preschools

Several operational matters have been raised with SASSLA over the last week, beginning 27 June 2022. Three important issues of interest to our members are:

  • Reimbursement of costs to a school where internal teaching staff are used to cover for sick leave in lieu of using a TRT.
  • The limited capacity of the Employable Teachers Register (ETR) to meet staffing needs.
  • The high workload demands associated with IESP applications.

SASSLA has the expertise to work with members on identifying the policy and procedural issues that are causing inefficiency and frustration. We can work with you and the Department to determine what solutions are needed.

We have already raised the issue of reimbursement of internal reliefs in lieu of engagement of a TRT with the Department and we expect a response shortly.

In presenting issues to the Department, it is very important that we understand the underlying problems and the operational impact on schools and preschools. We will undertake site visits wherever practicable or use phone or email. It is important that we understand issues of concern from your perspective so we can constructively present them to the Department.

If you have feedback to give on these three issues or have any other issues you want to raise, please contact SASSLA on 0412 654 817 or [email protected]

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