Preschool Director Workload Evaluation

SASSLA and the Preschool Directors Association (PDA) have recently completed our second joint evaluation of Preschool Director Workload. These evaluations provide an objective analysis of the workload conditions of Preschool Directors.

The PDA and SASSLA recognise the valuable work done by the Department in implementing contact hours for preschool teachers flowing from the 2020 Enterprise Agreement. We will continue our constructive engagement with the Department to reform and improve the current workload demands placed on Preschool Directors.

The evaluation has been completed in two parts:

Part 1 – 2020 Evaluation

This work was undertaken in 2020 to assess the impact of the introduction of face-to-face contact hours for preschool teachers, introduced in the Enterprise Agreement, on the workload of Preschool Directors. This report was provided to the Department in May 2020 and it has been influential in shaping the Department’s implementation of the new industrial requirements.

Part 2 – 2021 Evaluation

This report reviews the work of Preschool Directors following the implementation of contact hours for teachers. It identifies improvement and reform options, including the need for regulatory reform and future discussions with the Department. 

Anne Millhouse, President of the PDA with Phil O’Loughlin, Chief Executive of SASSLA at the release of the Preschool Director Workload Evaluation 29 October 2021

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