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School Leadership Reconceptualised – Twilight Series BOOK NOW!

Principal roles are positioned at the intersection of people working in schools and people in the corporate governance and service functions of the Department for Education. Principals occupy a unique position that gives them a wider view of how policies and systems of work shape practices, culture, and behaviour at a school level. Focusing on […]

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The Importance of SASSLA Representation in Disciplinary Matters

Unfortunately there are times when SASSLA members might find themselves the subject of a misconduct disciplinary investigation. This could relate to the specific alleged actions of the member – for example employing a family member/close friend without due process. It could also relate to matters involving others, over which the site leader has responsibility –

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SASSLA’s New Business Model

OUR PHILOSOPHY AND APPROACH SASSLA represents individual member interests, and the collective interests of Band A and Band B members. We are guided by the following principles in working with and representing individual members: We promptly respond to members’ requests and identify the most effective way to achieve a satisfactory outcome for the member. We

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The Ethical Leader

by Phil O’Loughlin, SASSLA Chief Executive – a resource supplied to members at the 2021 SASSLA State Conference In the 20 plus years working as a human resources executive in government and more recently in my role as the Chief Executive of SASSLA, I have seen and experienced significant changes in the standards governing ethical

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Leadership Policy Paper

Leadership Policy Paper The SASSLA Board is excited to share our Leadership Policy Paper. Our aim is to represent the interests of our members by developing well-grounded policy positions on school and preschool leadership and advocating for a high quality public education system. The policy paper highlights the crucial role that school and preschool leaders

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