Education Leader Workload Discussion Paper Released Today!

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SASSLA has today publically released a Discussion Paper on understanding and confronting the problems associated with the increasing workload for school and preschool leaders.

The issue of very high work demands on leadership roles has become a growing problem that seems immune to easy solutions. Excessive workload presents a challenge for the public education system in how priorities are established, time is valued and leaders are supported to get their work done.

The paper provides a fresh and insightful view on what the evidence tells us about workload and the systemic approach needed to start positive change.

We shine a light on the three key risks associated with excessive workload:

  • The impact on the health and capacity of school leaders working excessive hours.
  • The loss of productivity associated with a crowded set of initiatives and demands leaders are now dealing with.
  • The reality that leadership roles are seen as less attractive to potential aspirant leaders because of the high work demands of the roles.

Our aim is to keep the issue of leader workload at the forefront of the department’s thinking. To do this we need to hear your perspectives and views on what needs to be done to improve the systems and approaches for managing workload.

Please send any comments to [email protected] or call us on 0412 654 817.  If you would like a hard copy of the paper, please email your request and we will post one to you.

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